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The 2017 Online Dating Industry Domain Name Auction

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An exciting opportunity to acquire the best traffic-generating domain names and the iDate Conference have teamed up to bring you an exciting business opportunity within the industry via a live auction of business specific domain names. The Online Domain Auctions ending during the Los Angeles conference give you the chance to acquire the premier web addresses you need to build your brand and expand your network of top performing websites.

Domain Auctions offer window to true domain values sold for USD $1.75 Million

Domains submitted will be considered for the upcoming auction. The team is currently evaluating all of these to select on the best 2,000 domains for the Online Domain Auction. Only the highest quality premium domains will be selected. In addition, the top 100-200 names will be presented in a one-hour Live Domain Auction during the event, held at May 29 to June 5, 2014.

High profile domains typically offer some of the best targeted audiences due to their high volumes of natural type-in traffic (a.k.a. direct navigation). Research suggests that visitors who arrive at a site through direct navigation - whether branded or generic - typically have conversion rates that are double that of search traffic.

Historically, domain names values have been on the rise.

The's Online Domain Auction at the iDate Conference will be available for viewing in May 2014. Click this link to see the domains.


1. CONSIDER REGISTERING FOR THE CONVENTION. As a registered attendee of iDate Conference, you'll be entitled to full access to the event. You'll be able to meet with others attending and her which domains are of interest from other attendees. The Online Domain Auctions is available to both iDate Delegates and non delegates.

2. GET A HEAD START. Thousands of domains will be available in the Online Domain Auction. Start your research early. The Auction Inventory will be available on's Online Dating Conference web page starting in May 2014. You'll want to research the terms you're interested in to see which suit your brand or product strategy best. Other research and considerations you may wish to evaluate:

  • Monthly visitors
  • Keyword strength
  • Length of time the domain has been registered
  • Alexa rankings and other third-party stats
  • Appraised value

    3. REGISTER WITH AS A LIVE AUCTION BIDDER. If you're attending the convention, sign up now as a bidder in the live event. We'll have your bid materials ready and waiting for you at the auction door.

    3. LINE UP FINANCING IN ADVANCE. Cash flow should not stop you from getting the domain you need for your busines.'s partners are currently accepting financing applications for up to 60% of the purchase price. This will assist in leveraging purchase power to acquire additional domain names or names of higher quality. Normal credit criteria and collateral documentation will apply.

    4. LOG ON & BID: Starting, 9:00 AM EST on Thursday, May 29, 2014, you can visit to start bidding. The Online Auction system offers several features of interest:

    Automatic Bidding - Set your Limit Bid to automatically outpace other bidders - based on preset increments - up to a maximum dollar amount determined by you.

    Watch Lists - Set up a watch list with specific domains you're interested in and receive e-mails when activity on those domains occurs.

    Extended bidding in effect - If bidding activity occurs within 30 minutes of the auction closing time, bidding will be extended by another 30 minutes.

    Submit a Domain Name for Auction

    You can submit a list of your domains here: Be sure to include in the subject line "Domain Names - Online Dating Conference.". They must be related to the Online Dating Industry. has the right to refuse domains submitted. The cutoff date for Domain submission is May 24, 2014.

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