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On September 17, from 8:00 AM EST to 8:00 PM EST, the fourth virtual conference for the Social Networking Industry will take place right here, online.

The one day virtual event is FREE. Our Social Networking Industry Sponsor, PRINGO NETWORKS, is hosting the event for us. PRINGO NETWORKS
USERPLANE will be providing the chat software (including Video Chat for those with webcams - we recommend webcams). USERPLANE

On that day, you will be able to meet others attending the event. You can do the following:
  • View attendee profiles
  • Introduce yourself and your business
  • Send others messages
  • Text chat with others
  • Call or audio chat with other attendees (Must have a microphone with speakers or a PC headset)
  • Video Chat with them. (Must have a webcam)

  • The goal of the virtual event is to make the Odessa event most effective for you. By attending the virtual event in advance, you will have the ability to speak directly with other delegates. Exhibitors can be viewed and you have the ability to speak directly with them as to what they do. With a web cam, you will be able to have video meetings with others.

    You should use September 17 to:
  • Introduce yourself to others
  • Plan appointments for the Odessa event
  • View the exhibitors and ask them questions.
  • Time runs quickly at the Odessa event. Attendance moves rapidly in and out of rooms. Energy levels are high, and this makes if difficult, and sometimes impossible, to meet everyone at the 2021 Odessa Internet Dating Conference. We wanted to make the event perform as best as possible for our delegates.

    The virtual conference that took place on December 19, 2007 had over 500 industry executives from all over the world meeting with one another. We expect more at the conference on Wednesday September 17. If you are not sure about attending Odessa this year, then let the virtual conference help you decide. Its free!

    We recommend the following:
    1) A WebCam. These are fairly inexpensive and can be found anywhere.

    2) A PC Headset: If you don't have a webcam, a PC Headset is good to make audio calls.

    At the virtual event, you can choose to either be proactive by contacting others attending the event, or passive by letting other contact you. You can still do all the things you normally do in your office (answer calls, send email, play video games, etc :-). Just stay logged into the site from 8AM EST (1PM GMT) to 8PM EST (1AM GMT) so that people can contact you.

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    Thanks and we look forward to seeing you at the virtual event!

    Marc Lesnick
    Conference Organizer
    Internet Dating Conference